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HPAPI Technology Trends

31 October 2018
By ChargePoint Technology

Pharmaceutical companies are always looking to develop more effective, better targeted medicines. This means that more and more high active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) are being used to create the drugs that are needed. 

Safety is always a key concern for the manufacturers using HPAPIs. In the following article, we have highlighted the innovative techniques being used to ensure the safety of the employees who regularly come into contact with HPAPIs. Read the article in full here

HPAPIs - Smart monitoring and verification for containment strategies

09 October 2018
By ChargePoint Technology

The industry is currently seeing a sharp increase in demand for high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs). This means that many manufacturers are considering which containment strategies will work well for them and meet their high potency handling requirements.

In his latest article for EPM Magazine, our global product manager Michael Avraam highlights the evolution of containment strategies, and analyses the role of containment verification and monitoring. Read the article in full here. 

Smart Monitoring and Verification for Containment Strategies

05 October 2018
By ChargePoint Technology

If manufacturing environments are not properly controlled, they may be left open to many sources of potential contamination. This is why pharma companies are looking into techniques that can be used to make their working environments safe. Our global product manager, Christian Dunne, has highlighted the key approaches to sterile manufacturing and the advantages they can bring. From aseptic isolators, to restricted access barrier systems, he has offered a comprehensive overview of each technique. Read the full article on page 72 here. 

Mitigating the risk: manufacturing high potency drugs

06 June 2018
By ChargePoint Technology

A growing demand for highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs), twinned with the prevalence of oncological, immunosuppressant and hormone-based products is fuelling need for high potency handling capabilities. 

ChargePoint Technology's very own Michael Avraam discusses the potential issues with containment performance testing, data collection and interpretation and how these may affect end user with Pharma Focus Asia. You can read the full article (pg.50) here

Tried & Tested? Looking at the potential issues faced in containment performance testing

26 April 2018
By ChargePoint Technology

With the demand in high potency containment systems continuing to rise, it has never been more critical to have adequate containment strategies and appropriate verification in place. Yet, it is also crucial to understand the variations in validation testing available and the potential challenges and differences posed by the interpretation of results. 

Our global product manager, Michael Avraam speaks to European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer about the considerations surrounding containment performance testing and data collection methods. Michael also discusses the techniques available to help ensure efficient containment performance testing moving forward. You can read the full article in EPM here.

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