About Us

ChargePoint Technology are market leaders in the supply of containment valves and integrated material handling equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and other process based industries.

Our most important goals are to create lasting partnerships by providing high quality and reliable products, coupled with outstanding customer service.

As a pioneer of split valve technology our consultative approach will provide the right technological solution, as well as delivering the lowest cost of ownership benefits by maximizing yield, reliability, productivity and flexibility.

It is our people, commitment to quality and an extensive Research and Development programme that ensures we provide our customers with products, project delivery and customer service to a level that surpasses all expectation. This approach is delivered through the dedication and participation of every employee within the company.

The ChargePoint® valve was originally developed in conjunction with Glaxo Pharmaceuticals (now GlaxoSmithKline) in 1996. Previously known as Contained Transfer Coupling (CTC), the fundamental features of the valve are still retained in the design as it stands today.

The precision engineered, patented technology has now become a pharmaceutical industry standard for high containment batch transfers. The ChargePoint® valve is a common solution for contained charging/filling or discharging/dispensing of potent compounds from a wide variety of pharmaceutical and chemical process equipment: from reactors and isolators to mixing and tablet pressing equipment.

The flexibility of the ChargePoint® split valve design has now enabled it to be applied within other areas of the pharmaceutical production process, for example bulk formulations, aseptic processes or steam in place as well as other markets such as the Beverage industry.

In addition to the range of split butterfly containment valves ChargePoint® Technology also offer a range of complementary services:

  • After sales technical support and onsite services
  • Spare parts management and upgrade
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Containment consultation
  • Operation and maintenance training
  • Validation
International: +44 151 728 4500
USA: +1 609 549 6165
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History in brief

1997  The first ChargePoint split valve is built in conjunction with GSK.
1999  Patent for split valve design is purchased from previous owners.
2004  PSL dedicates separate engineering and assembly team to the ChargePoint product range.
2008  ChargePoint Technology is formed as a separate business unit of Powder Systems Limited.
2009  ChargePoint Technology Limited company formed.
2009  ChargePoint Technology
re-locate to new UK facility and North America office opens.
2009  ChargePoint Technology becomes ISO9001 accredited.
2009  ChargePoint DL range launched.
2010 New in-house manufacturing facility opened.
2011 Offices in France and the Netherlands opened.
2011 ChargePoint BIO valve launched.
2012 ChargePoint Wins Queen's Award for International Trade.