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Delivering a low cost of ownership

The key features of ChargePoint split valve technology ensure that your powder handling processes are not only running effectively but that you benefit from a low cost of ownership by delivering solutions that maximise yield, reliability, productivity and flexibility.

An independent supplier

As an independent supplier of containment valves, ChargePoint Technology are able to provide our customers with a greater choice of integrated equipment without compromising on the key areas of project delivery such as equipment specification, performance and budget.

If you have preferred suppliers of IBC’s, hoist systems and other process equipment we will work in partnership with these OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) without bias or conflicts of interest. If you have no specific OEM preferences we will engineer a solution and provide an integrated system tailored to both your process requirements and budget.

Design features that deliver genuine benefits

Design features that deliver genuine benefits.

The ChargePoint® range of containment valves are designed to help you improve on the three key elements of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality

Precision Machined Seats
Designed for Cleaning & Maintenance
Metal-to-metal disc seal
Pressure Rated System
Robust Fabrication
Safety Interlocks

Precision Machined Seats
The seat is one of the most critical parts of a split valve. Too loose and the valve will not perform in terms of containment / dust control. Too tight and the valve is difficult to operate and the seat can easily become damaged. Each ChargePoint seat is manufactured within a precise tolerance to ensure an optimum level of performance. With this we can be sure of three things:
1. Repeatable performance you can trust.
2. Guaranteed interchangeability of seats between Active and Passive units.
3. Easy manual operation even with larger valve sizes.

Designed for cleaning and maintenance.
A range of devices are available for effective washing (WIP) and steam cleaning (SIP) the valve in place. There are also versions of our ChargePoint valves that can be used in conjunction with IBC wash stations. All ChargePoint valves are designed with minimal parts for quick, simple disassembly and spare parts replacement. Once disassembled the valve parts can also be autoclaved for thorough cleaning.

Metal-to-metal disc seal
The interface between the two disc halves is the critical seal that will dictate the containment performance of the valve. The ChargePoint metal-to-metal method of disc sealing means there is no need for additional solid or inflatable seals that can become damaged or provide a product trap, ultimately increasing the likelihood of loss of containment integrity.

Secure pressure rated system
With the ability to charge/dispense under pressure or full vacuum the ChargePoint system does not rely on disc thickness to achieve a pressure rating. This means the disc cross section does not further impede powder flow and makes manual operation easier.

Robust Fabrication
ChargePoint valves are machined from solid metal with no fragile pins or connections. This robust design ensures a long lifetime and trouble free performance.

Safety Interlocks
A series of safety interlocks ensure that the Active and Passive units cannot be opened when they are not docked together. Also, the Passive unit cannot be accidently removed from the Active unit during powder transfer, but only once the valve is closed.

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