ChargePoint® containment valve technology is a widely adopted method of containing the transfer of powder, granular or semi solid materials from process to process.

Typically this method is undertaken as a solution to protect the operator from exposure to toxic powders that can become airborne when using other ‘non-contained’ methods of powder transfer. However, in aseptic processing the primary concern is of product purity and the need for the processing equipment to acheive the required level of cleanliness or bio-decontamination during processing.

Common methods of achieving aseptic conditions in powder handling have been met with unique positive pressure, HEPA filtered gloveboxes. The ability to handle sterile processes outside of these aseptic environments has been a greater challenge. Applying the method of aseptic powder transfer to the ChargePoint® range has been met by continuous development of our valve technology. A range of unique processes have been applied to the ChargePoint® valve providing two levels of cleanliness to the product contact and sealing faces of the valve.

In addition to these systems providing the basic level of containment performance for operator protection at <10mcg/m³ the utilisation of a further integral cleaning step after the product charge takes place ensure an increased level of containment to <1mcg/m³.

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