Introducing ChargePoint® split valve and integrated material handling systems though the tablet, capsule or other solids formulation processes ensures not only a high containment and dust free operation, but that transfer speed and yield are also optimised.

ChargePoint®, ChargePoint® DL and our integrated material handling solutions are widely used within Pharmaceutical formulation processes to provide containment without compromising on other key requirements such as the ability to handle poorly flowing materials.

  • High containment and dust control to <1µg/m³
  • ChargePoint® valve Washing and Cleaning in Place
  • IBC Cleaning In Place or within a remote station
  • Integrated IBC and lifting hoist systems
  • Direct IBC to IBC transfers
  • Fast and free flowing, trouble free transfers
  • Gentle handling of delicate tablets.

ChargePoint Technology's ability to meet the extensive demands of the industry has led to successful installations into a wide range of both new and existing pharmaceutical formulation processes, providing equipment for simple, single batch transfers and multiple process containment with IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Container) and lifting systems.

International: +44 151 728 4500
USA: +1 609 549 6165
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