ChargeBag Clip

Bag Clip

Product retention seal for flexible packaging

  • Retain powder prior to transfer
  • Control gross dust exposure during dispensing or cleaning
  • Suitable for sterilisation
  • Can be used with ChargeBag® containers
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This simple clip ensures that dispensing and product transfer processes can be undertaken safely by retaining product within the flexible packaging.

The clip can be utilised in conjunction with the ChargeBag® or/and a ChargePoint® valve in the following example scenarios: 

  • The clip is placed to retain powder whilst coupling a ChargePoint® valve to the ChargeBag® connection during dispensing
  • The clip can be used to retain powder whilst the open ChargeBag® is connected to or disconnected from, the process machine
  • The clip is used to retain powder until the ChargePoint® valve is opened ready for transfer
  • Clip is placed across the empty ChargeBag® whilst the ChargePoint® valve is uncoupled for cleaning, thus preventing gross powder release from the bag

Sealing Lenght:
Materials of construction:

320mm (12 5/8”)