Dispensing Funnel


Clean dispensing for maximized containment and dispensing accuracy

  • Ensure powder is directed cleanly through the valve
  • Maximise containment performance with ChargePoint® valve during dispensing
  • Reduce product loss
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The Dispensing Funnel is utilised in within powder dispensing operations to accurately fill the transfer bag/container through a ChargePoint® valve.


Typically utilised within a dispensing isolator the funnel leg(s) sit to the side of the open valve disc. Powder is directed either side of the disc and does not come into direct contact with the valve during the transfer. This results in an extremely clean transfer and ensures that when the funnel is removed and valve uncoupled, dust exposure is minimised.


This unique approach ensures that ChargePoint® valve designs can perform beyond their intended means, providing additional safety factor or allowing for use of more basic designs which would normally involve and more advanced system.

Size: (valve size compatibility)
Materials of construction:

DN50 (2”) to DN150 (6”)
316L Stainless Steel