Passive GMP Cover (High Integrity)

New Pressure Plug

Protect and maintain containment of the Passive valve

  • Provides security whilst Passive is in storage or transit between process steps
  • Protect critical sealing interface from damage/compromise
  • Additional assurance of containment/sterile boundary
  • Allows for positive pressure within product container to be maintained for a period of product storage
  • Sterilisable by Autoclave
  • Interlocked in place
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The Passive GMP cover locates around a Passive half of the valve to prevent contamination and damage to the Passive unit when not docked to an Active valve such as when the Passive (and attached container) is in storage or during transfer from one process step to another. For added security the GMP Cover includes an interlocking pin which prevents the cover from being removed accidentally once installed. The High Integrity version of the GMP Cover is a pressure rated device that, once fitted, ensures the Passive can maintain a positive pressure hold by providing additional integrity to the disc seal as a sterile barrier. In Aseptic Processing this allows the critical environment inside the container and Passive to be maintained in storage for a period of time without losing its integrity. In other processes this will simply ensure the safe retention of the Passive/Cover assembly against a low pressure condition. 


Size: (valve size compatibility)

Materials of construction:


Pressure Rating: 

100mm (4") / 150mm (6")

POM, EPDM, Stainless Steel 


0.3 BarG