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The contained transfer of API’s from process to process now easier than ever with the cost effective ChargeBag®.


Sterile Processing
Each ChargeBag® is packed within a sealed sleeve and gamma irradiated to ensure levels of integrity are maintained until use. This sleeve is easy to tear manually so no cutting tools are required.

Trouble Free Transfers
The crevice free design and anti static materials ensure a free flowing transfer. The transparent materials of construction allow operators to see how material is transferring. In addition the robust yet flexible liner allows physical manipulation of difficult to handle product, thus maximising the yield from each transfer.


Each ChargeBag® is clearly labelled with the lot number, expiration date and specification detail.

Easy To Handle
Each ChargeBag® is reinforced with a polypropylene handle making for safe yet easy manual handling or attaching to lifting hoists.

Reduce Cleaning Times
Designed as a single use item, the ChargeBag® can be disposed of after each use, which eliminates the time, expense, validation and ultimately process downtime often associated with cleaning rigid containers.

Seamless Connection
The ChargeBag® can be connected to a Split Butterfly Valve or other transfer device via the hygienic tri-clamp fitting. This FDA compliant flange is thermally welded to the liner to create a smooth connection for minimum product hold up.

Technical / Specifications

The ChargeBag® is manufactured under cleanroom conditions using an FDA approved high performance LDPE, ArmorFlex® 114, from ILC Dover.

Each ChargeBag® is packed within a sealed sleeve and gamma irradiated to meet sterile processing requirements. The robust construction and monolayer 250 micron film ensure reliability at all times.

A permanent antistat in the film assists poorly flowing materials to maximise the recovery of product from each transfer.

Relevant ArmorFlex® 114 Compliance

• Compliant to Commission Directive 2002/72/ EC and its amendments for plastic materials that come into contact with foodstuffs.
• Compliant to relevant sections of United States FDA 21CFR
• DMF on file with the FDA
• Passed all tests of EP 3.1.3
• Passed testing of USP <87> and <88> (USP Class VI)
• No animal derived ingredients
• Meets European Directive 94/62/EC and CONEG (heavy metals)
• Resistant to most common solvents (see data book for list)
• REACH compliant

Range Table

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Cleaning & Washing

The ChargeBag® is intended as a single-use, disposable container. This removes the time and financial resource associated with cleaning and validation.

Automation & Docking

ChargeBag® Hoist
ChargePoint® can provide manual or stationary hoist and lifting systems to automate the raise and lower docking of the ChargeBag® to the process where weight or inaccessibility restricts manual handling.


ChargeBag® Clip
The ChargeBag® Clip can be utilised in conjunction with a ChargeBag® or with other flexible liner / packaging.

Part Ref: P-CLIP-0061
Material: Polyamide 6.6 from DuPont
Colour: White
Sealing Length: 220mm (8 5/8”)
Total Length: 260mm (10 3/16”)
Weight: 52g (1.82oz)
Cleaning: Sterilisable

Tri-Clamp Cap
The tri-clamp cap provides a seal to prevent contamination of containers prior to or after use.

Tri-Clamp Transition
The transition is used to adapt the ChargeBag® to a smaller connection size.

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