Discover the latest product showcase videos from ChargePoint for our AseptiSafe and PharmaSafe transfer valve ranges.

The automatic ChargePoint containment/aseptic valves with quick release actuators provide easier installations, quicker maintenance and cleaning cycles and improved pricing:


Operation sequence of a manual containment/aseptic ChargePoint Valve:

 Stopper Processing Application Animation: 

Powder Filling Application Animation:

 Suspension Preparation Application Animation: 

 Sterile Dispensing Application Animation: 

API-OSD Offload-Milling Application Animation:

Synthesis Application Animation:  

Dispensing Application Animation: 



DN200 (8”) - DN250 (10”) automatic high containment valve operation:


The DL valve operating with a typical formulation process:


ChargePoint Split Butterfly Operation Sequence:


AseptiSafe® operation and transfer of sensitive products from process to process:


Eliminating the Area of Concern through a Steam in Place (SIP) process or Bio-Decontamination: