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VERIFi™ is now available with the ChargePoint® range of valves that ensure the safer and contamination-free handling of API and other formulation ingredients, offering the highest levels of operator protection and product quality.


Intelligent Monitoring Platform 

The wireless monitoring technology communicates critical equipment usage data and provides an audit trail as well as collecting and storing data; allowing maintenance, health and safety and compliance teams to make informed decisions to proactively manage their maintenance programmes.

VERIFi adds a new dimension to conventional split valve equipment, combining the highest levels of performance and reliability with a unique technology; allowing manufacturers to meet the most stringent requirements of the regulatory bodies.

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Manage valve maintenance programmes proactively:

  • Real time feedback on operating conditions
  • Intuitive platform can be configured to send alerts directly to H&S, Compliance and Maintenance teams

Increase plant efficiency and safety:

  • Reduce downtime due to unplanned maintenance
  • Reduce losses due to product contamination
  • Reduce risks to operations personnel from exposure to APIs

Audit trail:

  • VERIFi Portal records and stores data
  • Monitor and interrogate data from multiple valve installations simultaneously 


Self powering Hub with simple graphical feedback

The VERIFi Hub is located directly on the valve installation to record data and visually indicate the usage and parameters under which the valve is operating. This alerts the operator to conditions which could cause damage to the seals and compromise sealing integrity.

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The full-colour LED Hub displays the current temperature of the active unit, the number of cycles and the time elapsed since the seals were last changed.      









Secure wireless monitoring and data synchronisation

The Hub synchronises wirelessly to the secure VERIFi portal which stores and displays the data on a user-friendly dashboard. This enables maintenance personnel to monitor multiple valve installations and make informed decisions and proactively manage their maintenance programmes effectively.

Portal Devices

  • VERIFi Hubs communicate wirelessly using secure encryption

  • VERIFi Portal available on-demand via hosted website or as locally installed on
    premise application

  • VERIFi Portal website responsive design available on any mobile device