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A3P International Congress 2022

Location iconBiarritz, France | Calendar icon11 - 13 October 2022

This year, the 3-day program offers 16 conferences, with the participation of regulatory authorities, 17 interactive workshops, as well as an exhibition, which includes more than 110 exhibitors and is a major forum for exchange. These conferences are also an opportunity to share the progress of the work of the various working groups, the A3P GIC.

The conferences of the plenary session are organized around three themes:

  • The visual inspection, CCIT, with interventions focusing on the technical challenges of this inspection, the qualification of a process, the HSA approach, the rejections and false rejections as well as the perspectives of digitalization.
  • Aseptic processes, Annex1, MFT, APS... and the evolution of the regulatory environment around the “Contamination Control Strategy”, the opportunity to deal with topics such as PUPSIT, the improvement of sterility assurance and performance, human dynamics and collective intelligence in the service of “risk based approach”.
  • The benefits of responsible production for sustainable health. This is an essential theme, especially in the current environmental context, with testimonials from major players in the pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing industries. Innovative sustainable solutions will be proposed.