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About Us

ChargePoint Technology Ltd is the trusted pharmaceutical containment and aseptic processing specialist. We connect your process, enabling safe and reliable powder transfers.

History of ChargePoint Technology

The first ChargePoint valve was developed in 1997 with Glaxo Pharmaceuticals (now GlaxoSmithKline) and the core features of this valve remain across ChargePoint products today. ChargePoint Technology Ltd was formed over a decade ago following the development of this original valve, and our patented technology has become a pharmaceutical industry standard for high containment powder transfers. 

We now offer a range of high containment and sterile powder transfer systems along with extraction and decontamination equipment and cleaning, washing and handling accessories. 

ChargePoint Technology is your trusted specialist for safe and reliable contained and sterile transfer solutions. Our products provide containment performance and sterility assurance combined with single use solutions to handle the increasingly potent ingredients used in pharmaceutical powder manufacturing, chemical industry powder manufacturing, and biopharmaceutical products.

ChargePoint Technology is a global company with a sole focus to support and advance the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, any personal views or opinions expressed by a ChargePoint employee or representative are completely their own and are not endorsed by the company.

Our dedicated AfterCare team offers an unrivalled level of support for our customers to complement our innovative and industry leading powder transfer systems. The team provides a lifetime of support wherever our customers are including: 

  • Installation support 
  • Spares support 
  • Tailored maintenance packages 
  • Training opportunities  
  • Local engineering support 

The fundamental features of our original valve are still there, but we have evolved and innovated to meet changing industry demands and standards. 

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