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ChargePoint Technology is the expert in safe powder handling with patented technology in containment and sterile powder transfer solutions.

ChargePoint Technology is the trusted sterile and contained transfer specialist. Our innovative, industry leading products connect your process, enabling safe and reliable powder transfers. We offer an unrivalled level of support for our customers, through our dedicated global AfterCare team.

ChargeBag® PE-S

Aseptic Single Use Powder Transfer Bag


ChargePoint Technology’s ChargeBag® PE-S is a high Integrity powder transfer bag ideal for sterile processing.

Reducing the risks associated with cross contamination and eliminating the time and expense associated with cleaning and validation.

Single Use Split Butterfly Valve Passive

Single Use Valve Passive


The ChargePoint Technology SUP (Single Use Passive) is a contained and economic solution for the transfer of powder ingredients between process steps or even facilities.

Containment Split Butterfly Valve

PharmaSafe Containment Valves


ChargePoint Technology’s PharmaSafe® transfer valve range offers the highest levels of operator protection through validated containment performance.

High containment powder transfer valves provide safe handling of non-sterile API and formulation ingredients with nanogram levels of containment performance.

Aseptic Split Butterfly Valve

AseptiSafe Sterile Transfer Valves


ChargePoint Technology’s AseptiSafe® range of transfer valves offers optimised product quality with increased sterility assurance, a simple in-process sterilisation and high containment performance for hazardous products

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