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Products & Solutions

ChargePoint Technology is your trusted specialist for safe and reliable contained and sterility assurance products.

ChargePoint products provide containment performance and sterility assurance combined with single use solutions to handle the increasingly potent ingredients used in several sectors including:

  • Pharmaceutical powder manufacturing
  • Chemical industry powder manufacturing
  • Biopharmaceutical products

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Powder Containment for the Battery Industry solutions


The global battery market is increasing rapidly as the shifting trend towards electric vehicles and demand for renewable energy grows. However, the battery manufacturing process is also becoming increasingly complex as safety measures become more stringent and the demand for better-performing batteries produced at lower cost rises.

Powder Containment for the Battery Industry solutions image

Containment solutions


ChargePoint’s containment solutions provide a reduced risk of cross contamination via closed transfers, ensure the safety of your personnel and provide a dust free environment when processing toxic powders and high potent APIs.

Containment solutions image

Single Use solutions


ChargePoint’s single use solutions provide the containment and sterility assurance required for handling high potent ingredients and chemicals with the cost effectiveness of disposable technology.

Single Use solutions image

Sterility assurance solutions


ChargePoint’s product range for sterility assurance has been developed to perform aseptic transfers that maintain critical area integrity, reduce risk of contamination via closed transfers and meet GMP and product quality requirements.

Sterility assurance solutions image