Liverpool biotech firm to showcase revolutionary device at world’s biggest trade fair in USA

21 April 2016
By ChargePoint Technology

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Liverpool-based ChargePoint Technology will showcase their revolutionary device at Interphex in New York - one of the world’s biggest biopharma events for innovative manufacturers.

The company supplies precision containment valves to some of the biggest pharmaceutical names across the globe for the development of medicines and vaccines from their premises in Speke. (Liverpool UK)

From April 26 to 28, managing director Chris Eccles will lead a team at the major date in the industry’s calendar and show the American pharma industry their ground-breaking split butterfly valves that is transforming the way drugs are manufactured around the globe.

At Booth 3033, ChargePoint Technology will be talking about the AseptiSafe valve, which creates a sterile area the size of a dinner plate and reduces the need for the large scale clean rooms and isolators to keep drug manufacturing areas sterile.

In terms of cost comparison using the device has substantial savings. Construction of a Grade B Cleanroom with Grade A manipulations can cost upwards of £600k with annual running costs of £100ik - whilst with AseptiSafe and a Grade C cleanroom costs of are as low as £75k with £2.5k annual running cost.

The device also speeds up production, protects operators from hazardous products and keeps raw materials free from bacterial contamination with a unique approach.

ChargePoint Technology are the only company which uses a patented hydrogen peroxide decontamination cycle in their valve to destroy contaminants and bacteria, which makes it the most efficient bio-decontamination valve in history.

Mr Eccles said: “Interphex is one of the key events in the calendar for the biotech and pharma industry and it is very important to us.

“We will be meeting some of the biggest companies in the world and after establishing ourselves as leaders in innovation for the past seven years, we are confident that the technology we produce will be well-received, because we are talking about a game changer in this sector.

“We will also be exhibiting VERIFi, which is a wireless monitoring platform that communicates vital equipment performance data to help maximise the reliability, safety and profitability of the production facility and its final drug product.

 “Introducing VERIFi technology into the system will appeal to both operators, Occupational Hygiene, EHS, QA, Production Management personnel alike because it provides benefits not only at the operational level but also in terms of general safety, reduced downtime and final product quality. Critically it also provides the relevant data and audit trail to satisfy the regulatory bodies.”

The Liverpool firm is leading the way in designing innovative technology to ensure vital drugs from biological sources, such as vaccines, are manufactured quickly and safely.

In terms of drug manufacturing and medicines, the development of vaccines is believed to hold the key to fighting the burgeoning global public health crisis of anti-microbial resistance (AMR).

Drug-resistant organisms are responsible for 5,000 deaths a year in the UK and 25,000 deaths a year in Europe, increasing year on year as resistance becomes more widespread. Studies estimate that 300 million people are expected to die prematurely because of drug resistance overt the next 35 years and the world’s GDP will be 2 to 3.5 per cent lower than it otherwise would be in 2050.

ChargePoint’s customers in the USA include pharma heavyweights such as Merck, Roche Genentech, Johnson & Johnson, Ritedose and Pfizer. Around 20 per cent of ChargePoint’s annual revenue comes from the USA.

Mr Eccles added: “While we have every confidence in our technology, it is not enough, however, just to manufacture an innovative product, it needs to be sold and customers need support. We go this far and further.

“Our highly trained sales staff, who will be part of our team in New York, work closely with customers across the world to meet their needs by innovating on the ground to ensure what they buy is bespoke to their process. Our aftercare is designed to offer continual monitoring of our products.

“It’s this combination that is improving our status as the only British firm in our field that has an all-encompassing product and support solution that is now helping us to grow our business.”

ChargePoint Technology are also seeing rapid growth in China and India, with both territories  adapting to meet Western standards and regulatory requirements and as a result are turning to proven British technology to ensure the drugs manufactured in the East are fit for purpose in the West.






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