Passive Opener

Passive Opener1

Opening device allowing for access to the Passive valve and connected container

  • The Passive Opener device permits the opening of the Passive valve without the need for a full Active unit
  • Lightweight, economic design allows for offline cleaning, sampling or inspection purposes
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The Passive opener contains the interlocks of a typical Active unit to allow it to open a connected Active unit.


The opening device does not contain a typical Active/Passive seat and contains a ‘cruciform’ disc to provide a lightweight design with minimal spare parts.


A hygienic tri-clamp connection allows for the connection of further devices to enable a multitude of operations such as sampling, inspection or washing.

Size (valve size compatibility)
Material of construction
Seal material

DN50 (2”) to DN200 (8”)
POM & 316L
316L or Alloy 22