Raiselower System Power Dock System

Repeatable automatic docking

  • Repeatable docking accuracy
  • Accommodate misalignment of process and container
  • Fully automatic
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When the production scale, access or room classification (e.g. hazardous area) does not permit manual handling, the PowerDock™ system can be integrated into any ChargePoint® valve to provide a fully automated docking solution.


A PowerDock™ facilitates the automated raising and lowering of the Active unit when docking to a Passive. The system also corrects any misalignment of the process equipment to ensure repeatable docking accuracy.


The PowerDock™ is attached directly between the process equipment and the Active unit. A unique bearing arrangement corrects lateral misalignment between the Active and Passive units as they dock. A flexible EPDM connector compensates for the vertical movement of the Active unit whilst maintaining containment. Integral guide pins and sleeves ensure the Active returns to a central, fixed position once undocked from the Passive.

Size: (valve size compatibility)
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Connection to Active :
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Sensors :

DN100 (4”) to DN300 (12”)
316L and EPDM
Direct to Active or Tri-Clamp
Tri-Clamp or process specific
Pneumatic or electrical proximity