ChargeBag® PE

Chargebag Key Brand
Chargebag Key Brand

High Integrity Single Use Transfer Bags

The contained transfer of powder and small process components from process to process is now easier than ever with the cost effective ChargeBag® PE.

  • Trouble free transfers
  • Gamma irradiated for aseptic processing
  • Reduce cleaning times
  • Economic single use
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Features & Benefits


Trouble free transfers

Arrow Web 01  Crevice free design utilising anti-static materials ensure a free flowing transfer.

Arrow Web 01  Transparent PolyEthylene material construction allows operators to see how product is transferring.

Arrow Web 01  Robust yet flexible liner allows physical manipulation of difficult to handle product.


Suitable for sterile processing

Arrow Web 01  Manufactured in cleanroom conditions and packed within a sealed sleeve and gamma irradiated.

Arrow Web 01  The sleeve is easy to tear manually, no cutting tools are required.


Reduce cleaning times

Arrow Web 01  Single use bag – eliminates time, expense and validation associated with cleaning other containers.



Arrow Web 01  Each ChargeBag® PE is clearly labelled with the lot number, expiration date and specification detail.


Product  Range

Connection Size 10L 15L 25L 40L
DN50 (2")      
DN100 (4")

ChargeBag® PE can be utilised in a varied of manufacturing processes ensuring a safe and free flowing transfer.


  • Bulk Powders
  • Granulates
  • Tablet/Capsules
  • API
  • Intermediates
  • Buffer Media
  • Components (e.g. vial stoppers)

Download the ChargeBag® Specifications

 PDF 710 01ChargeBag® Specifications