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Assuring the Safe Handling of Potent APIs, Intermediates, and Solid-Dosage Drugs

2 March, 2019 | ChargePoint Technology

Containment valves and smart monitoring can keep employees safe and improve manufacturing efficiency.

The containment solution market is expected to grow rapidly over coming years as the demand for highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) increases. The use of smart monitoring technologies such as wireless monitoring solutions can be crucial to confirming containment solutions are functioning correctly and understanding the health status of the technology used. In addition, split butterfly valve (SBV) solutions can be employed to enable a contained and efficient powder transfer process.

In this article with Pharmaceutical Technology, our head of solutions engineering, Michael Avraam, discusses the efficiencies offered by the use of SBV, single use and smart monitoring solutions and the importance of efficient, flexible processes in HPAPI manufacturing.

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