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ChargePoint Technology Acquires PuroVaso

25 August, 2022 | ChargePoint Technology

At Chargepoint Technology, we’re excited to announce our latest acquisition of the industry-leading manufacturers of single-use containers, handling equipment and accessories for the pharma, biopharma and life science markets – PuroVaso.


Founded in 2016, PuroVaso’s range of intelligently designed and innovative single-use solutions are fully validated and used across pharmaceutical and life science facilities across the globe.


This partnership now strengthens existing world-class powder and liquid transfer, storage, and handling products. As a result, we’re able to offer our customers in the pharmaceutical industry access to a wider range of equipment to solve their specific problems with enhanced productivity.


“PuroVaso has vast technical expertise in pharmaceutical processing, transfer, handling and storage, with a broad portfolio of products that customers rely on for critical process applications,” said Chris Eccles, CEO of ChargePoint. “With its extensive process knowledge, application engineered solutions and relentless customer focus, PuroVaso offers leading solutions to highly regulated pharma and biopharma landscapes along with several other process critical markets. We are very excited to have PuroVaso join the ChargePoint portfolio of solutions.”

Steve Boswell, Co-founder and Director of PuroVaso commented: “We are very proud to have developed a handling solution that provides an altogether improved and sustainable approach to handling powders. Now is the time to allow the PuroVaso product line to reach its true potential with ChargePoint.”


Learn more about this exciting new partnership here

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