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Episode #8 Oral Solid Dosage, Granulation Equipment and Handling Systems

22 September, 2023 |

Episode 8 of the Pharma Tech Talks podcast welcomes Francesco Nucci, Product Manager of Granulation Equipment and Handling Systems at IMA Active Division, in Italy.

After his master’s degree at Pisa University, Francesco started his career as a Salesman at Romaco Zanchetta, where he specialised in producing granulation, handling, and washing equipment for solid dose processing in the pharmaceutical industry.


Following an acquisition by IMA, he became the Product Manager for granulation, handling and washing equipment at the IMA Active division in 2007.


Francesco joins host Christian Dunne to discuss the innovations and evolution constantly occurring within the manufacturing of oral solid doses. They also delve into how machinery and equipment are continually improving to keep the operator safe by looking into the possibilities of fully automated dosing and dispensing systems up to robotics.


IMA Active is leading in handling, granulation, tabletting, capsule filling and banding, weight checking, coating, and washing. Their extensive portfolio for manufacturing oral solid doses, coupled with several inspiring innovations that have developed in key areas, is the backbone of their business.


Together with the consultancy they provide, cutting-edge technologies and services ranging from process engineering to technical assistance, IMA Active is well placed within the oral dosage manufacturing sector.


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