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New Robotics Solution To Transform Future Of Drug Manufacturing

12 June, 2024 | ChargePoint Technology

We are thrilled to introduce our new cutting-edge robotic material handling solution, a true innovation that is set to revolutionize safety and efficiency in drug manufacturing. 

Our new robotics solution will improve efficiency for pharma manufacturers looking to automate and update their production processes to meet future demand for delivering life-saving drug products to market. This could be revamping portions of existing lines to create semi-continuous cells or developing fully autonomous manufacturing for the more advanced facilities of tomorrow.

The solution will help prevent potential risks associated with manual intervention by eliminating ergonomic and manual handling concerns and reducing the risk of cross-contamination from personnel.


Combining new PuroGrip, PuroVaso containers and the ChargePoint SBV, the robotic approach will allow manufacturers to upgrade their manufacturing practices by creating a handling system that can be deployed quickly from pre-engineered and off-the-shelf components.

The robotic PuroGrip has been developed to create a seamless connection between robotic arms used in pharmaceutical process lines and ChargePoint’s range of lightweight PuroVaso containers. The PuroGrip will be used to effortlessly dock PuroVaso containers into ChargePoint’s automated Split Butterfly Valve to create a contained solution for material transfer.


Our CEO, Chris Eccles, commented on the news: “Contained robotic powder handling is the future of the industry. Recent reports have found that the pharmaceutical robots industry is expected to rise at a CAGR of 6.7% over the next 10 years (1) and we have already seen many of our customers turning to us for a solution to advance their current production processes.

“We understand how important speed, quality and safety is to our customers, and we will continue to evolve our solutions to provide our customers with the best technology to meet their manufacturing needs”.

We unveiled our robotic solution at ACHEMA in Frankfurt (10-14th June) and the PuroGrip will also be displayed in our new facility in Liverpool for demonstration and testing purposes.

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