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Pharma Tech Talks – Episode #3 Continuous Manufacturing of High Potent Drugs, with Bernhard Meir, Gericke

22 June, 2023 |

Pharma Tech Talks episode 3 welcomes Head of Continuous Manufacturing at Gericke, Bernhard Meir.

Bernhard joins host, Christian Dunne, to discuss why continuous manufacturing is becoming more popular in the pharmaceutical sector and what the main advantages of this technology are over the traditional batch process regarding containment.

They also delve into a current hot topic in the pharma industry of process supervision, how this issue should be approached and what Berhanrd predicts for the future.

Pharma Tech Talks Ep 3

As a research assistant and during his thesis at the Technical University of Munich, Bernhard Meir investigated the impact of parameters on feed rate fluctuations of a continuous blender.

He joined Gericke as a project engineer, gaining extensive knowledge and experience in handling bulk solids. Today, he is the head of Gericke’s department for continuous manufacturing.

With more than 125 years of experience in bulk materials handling, Gericke is the leading supplier of turnkey solutions for the continuous manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms.

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