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A guide to choosing the right pharmaceutical containers for your powder handling processes

31 January, 2023 |

Our PuroVaso® pharmaceutical containers provide a versatile solution for your powder-handling processes, enabling you to choose from a range of volumes, materials and neck sizes to suit your specific needs.

But how do you ensure you choose the right PuroVaso pharmaceutical container for your powder-transfer process? 

Our PuroVaso® range considers the ratio of product to container weight to ensure the operator’s handling limits are driven by the product ingredient weight and not the container’s.

Each customer’s requirements will be unique due to the type of product and application required. However, there are some basic rules to follow when working out which size of the container you need.

The most straightforward rule is to calculate your product weight and divide it by the bulk density to give the volume of the product:

Product weight divided by bulk density = volume of product. For example, if your product weighs 5kg and the bulk density is 0.5g/cc 5 divided by 0.5 = 10L.

So now we know the volume of your product is 10L, which enables you to select the volume of your PuroVaso® container. However, you wouldn’t choose a 10L container because it would be impossible to fill it without leaving gaps.

So, we need to add an ullage (free space) factor. This is where the blending question comes in. The rule here is that if you want to blend, you need more free space to allow the powder to move freely within the container as it rotates, which allows for better mixing.

If the user is ‘not blending,’ we add a 20% ullage factor. If ‘blending’ is required, then we add 30%.

Going back to our example, to calculate the 20% ullage factor if not blending:

10 divide 0.8 = 12.5L

To calculate 30% ullage for blending:

10 divide 0.7 = 14L

You would therefore choose a 15L container.

Pharmaceutical Containers

Now you’ve chosen your size, how do you choose the right material for your PuroVaso® Pharmaceutical Container?

PuroVaso® containers are available in Pure White, Translucent White and Conductive Black, each with advantages for different products.

Our containers are made from 3 choices of Polyethylene (PE) and are anti-static grade, FDA approved, BSE/TSE free, phthalate free, melamine free and suitable for Dust Zone 20/21/22 rated areas.

Our most popular selling material is Translucent White (OW), allowing operators to see the visual fill level, which is USP approved.

If you are working with a UV-sensitive product, we recommend using the Pure White (PW) or Conductive Black material which, as a minimum, has a UV10 ASTM G26 rating.

For any ATEX applications with high levels of electrostatic charging, we recommend using the CB PuroVaso®, which is suitable for Zones 0/20, Zones 1/21 and Zones 2/22.

Finally, our range of PuroVaso® ergonomically designed accessories provides effortless handling solutions, whether you are lifting, aligning or docking containers in your process.

Designed with the operators in mind, you can choose from a range of lids, clamps, valves, grabs, docking stands and mobile lifters to make handling safer and more accessible.

In addition, our containers are compatible with all valve types with a tri-clamp (BS 4825 Pt3 or similar). Therefore, we are confident they will integrate with your existing machinery.

For further information, browse our range of PuroVaso® Pharmaceutical Containers.

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