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Welcome to the Pharma Tech Talks Podcast

25 May, 2023 |

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new podcast, Pharma Tech Talks.

The Pharma Tech Talks podcast, produced by ChargePoint Technology and hosted by Director of Global Corporate Business Development, Christian Dunne, brings you the latest news, emerging trends, and insights from the pharma manufacturing and technology industry.

Each episode features a special expert guest who shares their extensive knowledge and experience, delves into current trends, and predicts what’s in store for the industry’s future.

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Episode #1: Current High-Containment Manufacturing Trends with Oliver Gottlieb, nne.

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To kick off season one of the Pharma Tech Talks podcast, host Christian Dunne is joined by Oliver Gottlieb, Senior Specialist and SME of Oral Dosage, Solids Handling, Chemical API & Synthesis and High Containment, from an international pharma engineering company, nne.

From containment, cleaning, and single-use vs multi-use to sustainability, Christian and Oliver delve into the hottest pharma discussion topics of the moment and share thoughts on the current high-containment manufacturing trends.

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