SIP Passive / Drain

SIP Passive

Local SIP (Steam in Place) sterilisation of the Active unit

  • Simple static unit allows for effective Sip of Active valve
  • Economic and GMP design as there is no Passive unit seat or disc within the assembly. This ensures increased sterility assurance as the surface area of the Active unit exposed to steam cycle is maximised
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The ability to effectively Steam In Place (SIP) sterilise the product contact and sealing areas of a ChargePoint AseptiSafe® Active valve is assured with the use of our specifically designed SIP Passive / Drain device.


The SIP Passive / Drain mimics a standard Passive by locking into the Active unit to allow it to be opened within a sealed environment. The device features an O-ring on the outer perimeter to create a seal to the Active unit. A hygienic tri-clamp ferrule allows the simple connection of the steam supply hose.


When the SIP Passive is installed in the inverted (discharging) orientation the funnel shape of the SIP drain connection allows condensate to drain from the valve and process, during the steam cycle or throughout a drying phase.


Size (valve size compatibility)
Product contact material
Seal material
Spray Connection
Drain Connection (optional)
Pressure Rating
DN50 (2”) to DN200 (8”)
316L or Alloy 22.