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ChargeBottle® M

Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Bottle


ChargeBottle® M is a robust container that provides a high-quality product contact finish and can be used for a variety of specific process requirements, including transfer processes.

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Stainless steel ChargeBottle® M bottle
Stainless steel ChargeBottle® M bottle

Product information

ChargeBottle® M is profiled with an optimal cone shape to maximize product flow and yield.

The versatile sterile powder transfer container is autoclave and automatic lifting hoist compatible and can be used with sterilised in place (SIP) applications to make it suitable for use in aseptic processing.

There are a range of optional extras available such as vibration devices, fixed and modular handle grips.

The easy to handle ChargeBottle® M can be used in a number of applications for a range of powders and components, including:

  • Bulk powders
  • Granulates
  • API
  • Intermediates
  • Buffer media
  • Excipients
  • Components (e.g. vial stoppers)
Connection Sizes:DN50 – DN150 (2” - 6”)
Volumes available:  2L - 20L
Connection Type:Tri-clamp
Production Materials: 316L Stainless Steel / Alloy 22
Compliance:European Pressure Equipment Directive
Pressure Rating:Up to 6 Bar (87 psi)- full vacuum
Additional Options: Handles – depending on volume/connection size