ChargeBottle® M

Bottle Selection
Bottle Selection
Chargebottle M

Robust Metal Powder Transfer Containers

Robust containers to suit a variety of specific process requirements.

  • Maximize product flow and yield
  • High quality product contact finish
  • 316L or Alloy 22
  • Pressure / Vacuum rated 
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Maximise product flow and yield

Arrow Web 01  Profiled with the optimum cone shape to ensure good flow.

Arrow Web 01  Vibration devices available for difficult powders.


Easy to handle

Arrow Web 01  Fixed and modular handle grips available.

Arrow Web 01  Automatic lifting hoists available for when process or weight does not permit manual handling.


Suitable for aseptic processing

Arrow Web 01  Autoclave compatible.

Arrow Web 01  Suitable for sterilised in place (SIP) applications (ChargeBottle® M and MX only).

ChargeBottle® maximizes product flow and yield for a variety of manufacturing processes and products.



  • Bulk Powders
  • Granulates
  • API
  • Intermediates
  • Buffer Media
  • Excipients
  • Components (e.g. vial stoppers)

Download the ChargeBottle® Specifications


PDF 710 01ChargeBottle® Specifications

Bottle Wash Station

If washing within the process is not permitted, prior to a validated cleaning procedure, the gross contamination from the internal surfaces of the ChargeBottle® can be removed utilising a remote wash station.

Bottle Wash Station



For complete validated cleaning, ChargeBottle® M containers can be cleaned within an autoclave.

Handling and docking devices can be incorporated into a ChargeBottle® to facilitate easy manual handling or repeatable automatic docking.


Bottle Hoists & Platforms

Simple mobile bottle hoists and specialised discharge stations, incorporating weigh platforms and pneumatic raise/lower docking arrangements can be provided to suit various discharging applications. Equally mobile and fixed hoists can also be provided for charging applications.


Modular Handle Clamp

The stainless steel clamp is connected to a container for safer manual handling via the ergonomic hand grips. Clamping the band to a container is simply achieved by an over centre latch, which allows for easy installation and removal for transfer between multiple containers.

Modular Handle Clamp


Vibratory Collar

Pneumatically powered, this removable vibratory clamp is fitted to containers to assist with discharge of powder product with inherent poor flow characteristics. This modular clamp can be utilised across multiple containers.