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PS Valve Key Brand
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Powder Transfer Containment Valves

ChargePoint PharmaSafe® valves ensure the safer handling of Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) and other formulation ingredients, offering the highest levels of operator protection through validated containment performance.

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Arrow Web 01 Ensure industry regulatory compliance.

Arrow Web 01 Process highly potent ingredients (HPAPI), ensuring the safety of your personnel and reduced environmental contamination.

Arrow Web 01 Reduce risk of contamination.

Arrow Web 01 Meet GMP and product quality requirements.

Arrow Web 01 Maximise yield by transferring poorly flowing and high value product.

Arrow Web 01 Facilitate respirator free and ‘shirt-sleeve’ manufacturing initiatives by removing costly secondary barrier containment and cumbersome PPE.


Containment Performance

ChargePoint PharmaSafe® valve containment performance has been independently validated by customers and third parties according to the ISPE SMEPAC (Standardised Measurement of Equipment Particulate Airborne Contamination) guideline.

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PharmasafeChargePoint PharmaSafe®down to 1µg/m3

High containment performance with no additional seals, vacuum or extraction required.

The entry level ChargePoint PharmaSafe® offers a simple, cost effective upgrade to facilitate the required GMP and containment requirements in manufacturing. The minimum part design is easy to operate, clean and maintain whilst providing outstanding entry level performance.


Pharmasafe Pro ChargePoint PharmaSafe® pro - down to 0.1µg/m3

High containment performance with a simple, low volume extraction.

The ChargePoint PharmaSafe® pro utilises an extraction process which is integral to the valve, to minimise the level of airborne contamination during the valve undocking sequence. The extraction requirement is designed to be adaptable with existing onsite air handling systems.


Pharmasafe ExcelChargePoint PharmaSafe® excel - <0.1 µg/m3

Advanced performance to nanogram levels in a compact efficient split valve.

The ChargePoint PharmaSafe® excel incorporates a simultaneous purge and extract sequence. During the undocking step a sealed cavity is created between the Active and Passive interface. The purge and extraction process is synchronised to remove traces of particles that can potentially become airborne once the valve is fully undocked.


Learn more about split valves and containment theory:

An introduction to split butterfly valves

Containment theory

Operation Sequence


Operation Sequence 01                        The Active and Passive units are docked together. Each unit is sealed and cannot be opened unless they are docked together.
Operation Sequence 02   Two disc halves are locked in place to form a single sealed unit. The previously exposed interfaces are now sealed together to form a single butterfly valve disc.
Operation Sequence 03   The Active unit is the driving half of the valve. Once operated the disc will open to allow the transfer of material through the valve. The Active and Passive interface is sealed to ensure no material can penetrate the critical area. Once the transfer has taken place the valve is closed.
Valve Process Pro Extact 02   The Active and Passive units are then unlocked revealing the previously closed interfaces ensuring a dust free transfer.

A. Optional higher performance extraction process on PharmaSafe® pro and excel


Contained filling and dispensing for all production processes from R&D to full scale production







Vessel Charging
Filtration / Separation
Wet/Dry Granulation
Blending / Mixing
Formulated blends
Raw materials
Tablets / Capsules


Download the PharmaSafe Specifications

 PDF 710 01PharmaSafe Specifications

The ability to effectively clean or wash the product contact and sealing areas of a ChargePoint® valve is assured with the use of our specifically designed Wash In Place (WIP) devices:


• Static or penetrative type WIP devices
• Static WIP Passive offers elementary local decontamination
• Penetrative WIP Lance offers high level cleaning
• WIP Lance arrangement incorporated within Bottle Wash Stations
• WIP Active valve allows cleaning of Passive and connected IBC’s within remote wash stations
• ATEX rated designs


To learn more about cleaning & washing accessories

Cleaning & Washing

Lifting and docking systems can be incorporated to ensure safe operation in hazardous or inaccessible areas or where the production scale does not permit manual handling:

• Fully or partially automated versions can be provided to suit application

• Status information and sequence interlocking, secured with the use of pneumatic or electric proximity sensors

• Fully integrated and factory tested control systems

• Repeatable and safe alignment of equipment in conjunction with lifting hoists and docking systems

• Reduced weight versions

• GMP covers to protect the valve while not in use


Learn more about Handling & Docking

Handling & Docking Accessories


Valve Automation

Wherever possible the ChargePoint® design offers the option of manual operation or partial automation versus full automation, reducing the cost and complexity of control systems. Larger diameter PharmaSafe valves can also be operated manually.



Pneumatic or electric proximity detection sensors, combined with existing mechanical safety interlock features ensure the safe function of the valve system.