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The launch of a Patient Airway Isolation Dome to assist with COVID-19 pandemic

23 June, 2020 | ChargePoint Technology

Given the severity of the current global pandemic, we are proud to have assisted OnFab with its launch of a new Patient Airway Isolation Dome.

The dome is designed to protect healthcare professionals working on the front line at Liverpool Hospital. Having assisted in the dome’s conception, we are thrilled to see OnFab and Liverpool Hospital working together to deliver a fantastic result for those in need.

OnFab’s Patient Airway Isolation Dome protects healthcare professionals from infectious pathogens when performing various aerosol generating procedures (AGPs), such as intubation. The dome minimises the transmission of infection for key health workers, and it can also assist with many other healthcare procedures. It is a cost effective, hygienic and single-use system that enables simultaneous access for three people, protecting the anaesthetist and two other individuals. The tool is manufactured from flexible and high-quality pharmaceutical grade polyurethane.

The dome has been developed in partnership with the amazing Anaesthetic Department at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, in response to the urgent need for PPE for those working round the clock during this turbulent time.

We are delighted to have played a part in connecting OnFab and Liverpool Hospital and to witness their collaboration unfold into something so outstanding during such challenging times.

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