Our Products

The highest quality powder transfer valves, container systems and services for the most demanding production environments.

ChargePoint PharmaSafe®

Powder containment valves offer the highest levels of containment performance to assure the safe handling of potent API, intermediates and pharmaceutical formulations.

ChargePoint AseptiSafe®

Aseptic transfer valves offer improved sterility assurance in the aseptic processing of sterile API and final powder product, together with small components for fill / finish applications.

ChargePoint AfterCare™

The AfterCare team are dedicated to ensure you get the best from your investment by offering a wide range of support products and services from our global AfterCare centre.


Single use bags for contained and sterile transfer of powder and small process components from process to process. High integrity and cost effective.


Robust small scale rigid containers to suit a variety of specific process requirements from simple lightweight plastic bottles to pressure rated containers with purge and viewing port connections.


A range of convenient devices are available to enhance the performance, usability and lifetime of ChargePoint® valves and ChargeBottle or ChargeBag containers.