ChargePoint Technology attends more high-profile expos in the USA after Interphex success

15 August 2016

ChargePoint Technology have experienced success in the USA with their revolutionary bio-tech valve - a blog by Chistian Dunne.

At Interphex in New York – one of the world’s biggest biopharma events for innovative manufacturers – ChargePoint’s managing director Chris Eccles and a team of containment and sterile valve specialists took the company’s ground-breaking split butterfly valve to the world’s biggest pharmaceutical names.


As Global Product Manager for Aseptic, I have travelled the world with the AseptiSafe valve, which uses a revolutionary hydrogen peroxide cycle to ensure the highest levels of Bio-decontamination and reduces the need for an expensive, large-scale clean room.

As the company heads Stateside again, I discuss what I and the company learned from Interphex, how that knowledge can be used in the future and how we will grow our US footprint with our next stop being the ISPE San Diego Chapter Life Science Resource Fair (Vendor Night), where we will have a table top exhibition.

I have been travelling to and around the United States for several years but this year my visits felt different. The ChargePoint brand is strong and it certainly made an impact at Interphex.

We attracted a lot of attention from big pharma businesses and the media who were keen to engage with us about our devices. But then, they couldn’t miss our presence with our huge ‘Not Just A Valve’ banner in the entrance hall, a great looking (and busy) stand and a huge engagement programme before we left the shores of the UK.

What followed was an enjoyable ‘show and tell’ of the AseptiSafe and our other products, and it was obvious that our unique device made an impression.

It appears the US market is more inclined to this type of technology although we know from a surge in growth over the first quarter of 2016 that Asia also has serious ambitions to become a major big pharma player.

The Aseptic range is becoming a stalwart in the USA for pharma manufacturing. We had a number of visitors who said they were interested in the technology when it was first launched and had since seen its validity as a cost effective solution.

AS-valve -key -brand-

The industry is always looking for more robust, cost effective and efficient ways of processing and allowing them to move away from high grade clean rooms or Isolators and utilising a much smaller footprint would be a big advantage.

In terms of cost comparison, the AseptiSafe Bio Valve has substantial savings over conventional High Grade Clean Rooms, Isolators and RABs systems. The supply of a small Grade A/B Cleanroom can cost upwards of £800k with annual running costs of £100k. A small Grade A Isolator around £500k with annual running of £10k whilst the AseptiSafe Bio system would be £75k with £2.5k annual running cost. The cost difference is quite considerable but one of the major advantages is the unique sterilisation / bio decontamination at the point of transfer. This has long been seen as a weak point on many processes, although AseptiSafe Bio technology bridges that gap and brings about a more robust method of transferring sterile products safely. Cost is important but product quality is critical.

At Interphex, compared to previous events, I learned traditional biopharma manufacturing is certainly not dead.

There has been a trend towards single use technologies over the last few years which is where industry is headed but traditional methods of manufacture that we fall into is still alive and kicking.

There is also a lot of interest in single use processing around Controlled Not Classified (CNC) environments, which centres around closed processing with disposable technology, and our gamma irradiated disposable product bags fit nicely within this technology.

We have seen a 30 per cent increase in website traffic and leads following our appearance at Interphex as well as a direct order at the stand and we hope for more interest following our visit to San Diego.

ChargePoint Technology were also at at the ISPE San Diego Chapter Life Science Resource Fair (Vendor Night) on 11th August. Visit for more information.






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