Will it be Clinton? Will it be Trump? Big Pharma in the US is part of the American Dream, but the world needs pioneers

13 April 2016

The US Presidential campaign is stirring up strong feelings on issues like immigration and healthcare with the media’s spotlight trained on Republican Donald Trump – who wants to ‘Make America Great Again’.

Front-runner for the incumbent Democrats, Hillary Clinton is also spending millions pushing her key pledges to voters. She is promising to be a “small business president” which means she wants to give SMEs and entrepreneurs more access to finance, cut through red tape for start-ups and lavish tax reliefs.

For biotech, the election campaign has created some unwelcome waves, notably calls for regulating the industry to deter the kind of “price gouging” in the wake of the 5000% price hike of HIV drugs by, who The Daily Beast deemed ‘the most hated man in America’, Martin Shkreli.

But we are in an era of ideas, inventions and technological advancement and price regulation could temper this drive, particularly pertinent for SMEs and early stage drug research.

It’s therefore important to ensure that this remains both viable and attractive when the alternative might be further investment in Silicon Valley and the new tech kids on the block.

Ultimately, society needs a healthy biotech sector – appealing to investors and able to be profitable despite the massive costs and risks of R&D.  That equation can deliver new drugs that will help everyone from the R&D company itself, through to the manufacturers and suppliers like ChargePoint, and of course through to the end game of improving patient outcomes.

In 1960, American physicist Willis Whitfield, the son of a cotton farmer, invented the clean room, earning him the nickname Mr Clean, coined by TIME Magazine.

Throughout history, the urge to create, invent and prosper has been seldom restricted by politics in the west, quite the opposite and regardless of political allegiance.

But 56 years later, after six Republican and five Democrat presidents, the clean room is an industry standard for many US firms.

On April 26th, ChargePoint Technology will have a strong presence at Interphex in New York, an expo dedicated to innovation, technology and knowledge for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals, where our AseptiSafe valves are sure to be a talking point.

AS-valve -key -brand-

It is the only valve device in the world which reduces the need for a large scale clean room and isolators which are industry standard throughout North America at present.

Our valve destroys sources of contamination using hydrogen peroxide, making it the most efficient bio-decontamination valve in the history of aseptic transfers.

If only Mr Whitfield, who died in 2012 age 92, were at Interphex to see how the need for a clean room can be replaced with a device no bigger than a dinner plate.

As an inventor and scientist he would have marvelled at the technology.

Innovation from pioneers is the backbone of America and at Interphex the importance of importing technology from abroad to revolutionise the way pharma manufacturing is done in the US is sure to be discussed at the exhibition.


Visit ChargePoint Technology at booth 3033 at Interphex from 26 – 28 April. To register FREE for Interphex click here.


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